Best False Ceiling Contractor in Muzaffarpur

Best False Ceiling Contractor in Muzaffarpur

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Best False Ceiling Contractor in Muzaffarpur

Types of false ceiling panels or ceiling tiles commonly used in India and their applications

A residential and business building is incomplete while not having a correct roof. A roof is that the uppermost and vital part of the building giving protection from weather like wind, high or low temperatures, sunlight, snow, and rain. Besides providing protection, the roof’s all-time low is an area where occupants of a building will exhibit their aesthetic sense by making enticing false ceilings mistreatment ornamental ceiling panels that may please the attention.

Additionally, to aesthetics, false ceilings also supply useful options that enhance their utility in more ways than one. as an example, false ceilings offer smart acoustics wherever needed sounds are often increased and at a similar time, unwanted sounds are often reduced. they supply an area for housing electrical wires, pipes, and air-conditioning ducts. False ceilings will mirror and diffuse lightweight preventative the necessity for extra artificial lighting, lowering energy consumption. These ceiling panels supply fireplace safety and wet resistance options further.

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Some popular types of false ceiling panels include:

Plaster of Paris false ceiling(Pop Ceiling)

Rate: 90 Rupee SQFT (additional running sqft for coves) with material

Best False Ceiling Contractor in Muzaffarpur
Best False Ceiling Contractor in Muzaffarpur

Plaster of Paris (POP) is among the foremost common materials utilized in a spread of business furthermore as residential roofing applications. POP is largely mineral sans its water content (created by heating mineral to a temperature once the water evaporates) offered in pulverized kind.

It hardens once water is extra and makes for a decent ceiling material. POP is maintenance-free and extremely sturdy besides being sensible material of cold and warmth. POP false ceilings square measure amenable to varied styles and may provide completely different ends with a uniform and sleek finish and styles of varied shapes. it’s conjointly a wonderful material for enhancing light-weight conditions. the foremost disadvantage of POP is its tendency to crack over time.

Gypsum false ceiling panels

Rate: 70 Rupee SQFT (additional running sqft for coves) with material

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Gypsum may be a salt of Ca obtainable as an associate deposit mineral. it’s a preferred material for false ceilings due to its thermal and sound insulation, lightweight, and fireplace resistance properties. it’s a conjointly soft material. sq. mineral boards are decorated from an associate iron framework to make a false ceiling. the mineral is on the market naturally in reminder brown, white, red, yellow, and grey.

It’s conjointly obtainable as a transparent or colorless material. The aesthetic appearance of mineral boards is increased by finishing them with laminates and paints. mineral boards also are amenable to wallpaper and texture finishes. the mineral is sort of versatile and may simply give totally different form and texture choices – plain, curved, stepped, and coffered.

Wood ceiling panels

Best False Ceiling Contractor in Muzaffarpur
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Rate: 160-250 Rupee SQFT (additional running sqft for coves) depends on the material

Wooden false ceilings have glorious natural patterns and textures that may please the attention. Wood could be a sensible material to figure with. wood panels will are available in the shape of hollow blocks, boards, or panels. they’re simple to put in typically with simple screws and nails. they’re best suited for cold climates. area unit|they’re} sturdy, however, are at risk of insect attacks and warp. they will be finished in many ways in which together with painting with applicable reminder colors.
Wood panels area units among the costlier panels due to their high fabric price and higher maintenance price. However, if budget isn’t a problem, wood ceiling panels can give extremely pleasing aesthetics giving the ceiling a chic and complicated look.

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