Is game design school worth it?

Is game design school worth it? This is the major question for most of the students. Which is the best career option? What is good for pursuing the future? These are just a few of the questions which you must have thought about when you crossed your first milestone of high school. Well! You are not alone. These are the key questions that almost every student in every country asks. Well, this is something you should decide on your own. Read the full article related to everything in the gaming field and scopes.

Is game design school worth it?

There are so many options out there. You choose a career path that’s right for your skills and interests. A career you can enjoy and do well in. Out of so many career options, we will discuss and focus on game designing and development. What basic things do you need for joining and pursuing a future in Gaming?


Let’s start with the basics. The more you know about this field, the more you will understand whether you should pursue this field or not. Is it worth thinking about your future in gaming? Is game design school worth it? which game design school is the best? Let’s find out all the answers which are best for you.

What do you know about Gaming?

Most people take gaming as a hobby, but it is more than that. You can also make your career in gaming & earn a lot through this industry.

Gaming is a highly competitive sector where professionals are needed who have a good balance of creativity, fun, and technology. The most important skills required in this field are creativity and passion.

Types of Gaming:

Gaming is a vast field, it consists of various types which are listed below:

  • Personal Computer Game
  • Handheld Game
  • Online Game
  • Arcade Game
  • Console Game
  • Mobile Game

There is no need to explain these as we all know about it.

Benefits of Gaming Courses:

These courses can be beneficial for those who are seeking a career in the field of gaming like:

  • You can also work as a video game designer, board game designer, independent game developer, and many others.
  • Gaming courses make you more marketable to employers as they need candidates with a good knowledge of current gaming technologies.

Job Profiles:

Game Designer:

A game designer is someone who conceptualizes game plots and storylines, levels and environments, character interactions, and other creative aspects. It’s their job to work with other specialists – like developers, artists, and others – to communicate ideas and then project manage those ideas through to game production. Basically, game designers are the artists you don’t need to be a programmer to be a game designer. You have to study 3D-2D designing which is very easy you can learn online or from many institutes offering game designing. Character modeling, assets modeling/designing, Scene creation, or level designing.

Character Animator:

Character animation is a specialized area of the animation process, which involves bringing animated characters to life. The role of a character animator is analogous to that of a film or stage actor and character animators are often said to be “actors with a pencil” (or a mouse). Character animators breathe life in their characters, creating the illusion of thought, emotion and personality. Character animation is often distinguished from creature animation, which involves bringing photorealistic animals and creatures to life. Basically, the animator is an animation artist who does the job of animating in-game characters or objects. Institutes offer animation programs for animators. where you can learn various kinds of animations and animating things.

Art Designer:

Basically, Art designers are graphic designers, Graphic designer is a professional within the graphic design and graphic arts industry who assembles together images, typography, or motion graphics to create a piece of design. A graphic designer creates the graphics primarily for published, printed, or electronic media, such as brochures (sometimes) and advertising. They are also sometimes responsible for typesetting, illustration, user interfaces, and web design. A core responsibility of the designer’s job is to present information in a way that is both accessible and memorable. But in the gaming industry, art designer has a job of creating game art styles and color combos for the game. You have to need a keen sense of design or art style to be an art designer. Many institutes also offer programs for art and design you can join programs to start your journey.

Game Developer:

video game developer is a software developer specializing in video game development – the process and related disciplines of creating video games. You have to be a hardcore programmer for game developers many software like unity and unreal offers scripts you can use to make games. But you should have knowledge of programming for developing games or to be a game developer. To be a game developer you should join programs of the institute that offers computer science programming or bachelors in computer science.

Script Writer:

Being a game writer seems like the ideal job for many screenwriters that are gamers in their spare time. In an age where gaming technology appears to be making amazing breakthroughs with every release and where a single video game’s revenue outmatches the latest box office theatrical blockbuster by unbelievable amounts, it’s only natural that screenwriters want to jump on that bandwagon. so for a scriptwriter, you don’t have to get programing or 3d/2d skills. Many institutes give you proper training on how to write a script you can join them and start your carrier.

Game Tester:

Game testing, a subset of game development, is a software testing process for quality control of video games. The primary function of game testing is the discovery and documentation of software defects (aka bugs). Interactive entertainment software testing is a highly technical field requiring computing expertise, analytic competence, critical evaluation skills, and endurance. In recent years the field of game testing has come under fire for being extremely strenuous and unrewarding, both financially and emotionally. It’s hard to get a job as a game tester it almost seems like a dream job. Well, you to be a hardcore gamer or game video blogger or should have participated in international game tournaments to be a game tester.

These are major job profiles in the gaming field. You can choose your dream career accordingly and it will help you to select proper programs or institutes for Studies and skill training. Here You can check out some of the programs offered by the best institute/college in gaming. Get an interview before choosing any programs.

Courses & Eligibility

Let’s talk about the courses in this field.

Many top game design institutions and colleges offer several game design courses from certificate level to master level. Some most popular courses are listed below:

Certificate & Diploma Courses:

  • Certificate in Gaming
  • Certificate course in Game Art & Design
  • Diploma in Production Gaming
  • Diploma in Game Design and Integration
  • Diploma in Animation, Gaming, and Special Effect
  • Diploma in Game Design (DGD)
  • Diploma in Game Development
  • Diploma in Game Programming
  • Advanced Diploma in Game Art & 3D Game Content Creation
  • Advance Diploma in Game Programming
  • Advance Diploma in Game Design and Development Application

Bachelor Courses:

  • B.Sc. in Gaming
  • Bachelors in Media Animation & Design (BMAD)
  • B.Sc. Animation & Gaming
  • Bachelor of Science in Animation Game Design and Development
  • Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) – Computer Science and Game Development
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Animation & Computer Graphics
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Digital Filmmaking & Animation
  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Graphics, Animation & Gaming

Master Courses:

  • Integrated M.Sc. in Multimedia & Animation with Game Art & Design
  • M.Sc. in Gaming
  • Master of Science (M.Sc) in Game Design and Development
  • Master of Science (M.Sc) in Multimedia and Animation

Best colleges/schools in the US for Game Design and development

Best colleges/schools in the US for Game Design and development

Take out your pen and paper list of these colleges and get an interview scheduled for information about admission and other stuff.

1. University of Southern California
Los Angeles, California

Program offers by USC in Gaming are:

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Master of Fine Arts
  • Master of Science

2. University of Utah

Entertainment Arts & Engineering
Salt Lake City, Utah Offers :

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Master’s of Entertainment Arts & Engineering

3. DigiPen Institute of Technology

DigiPen Institute of Technology
Redmond, Washington Offers

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Master of Science
  • Master of Fine Arts

4. Rochester Institute of Technology

School of Interactive Games and Media
Rochester, New York Offers

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Master of Science

5. Savannah College of Art and Design

Savannah College of Art and Design
Savannah, GA Atlanta GA offers

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Master of Arts
  • Master of Fine Arts

6. Drexel University

Westphal College of Media Arts & Design
Philadelphia, PA Offers

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Master of Science

7. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

The School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
Troy, NY offers

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Master of Fine Arts
  • Ph.D. in Electronic Art

8. New York University

Tisch School of the Arts
New York, NY offers

  • Minor in Game Design
  • Bachelors of Fine Arts
  • Master of Fine Arts

9. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT Game Lab
Cambridge, MA offers

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Master of Science

10. Carnegie Mellon University

The Integrative Design
Pittsburg, PA offers

  • Bachelor of Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Arts

11. Michigan State University

Game Design and Development
East Lansing, MI Offers

  1. Certificate
  2. Bachelor of Arts
  3. Bachelor of Science
  4. Master of Arts
  5. PhD

12. Full Sail University

Full Sail’s Game School
Winter Park, FL offers

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Master of Science

13. Northeastern University

College of Arts, Media, and Design
Boston, MA; Seattle, WA; Silicon Valley, CA offers

  • Certificate
  • Minor
  • Bachelors of Fine Art
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Master of Science

14. University of California, Santa Cruz

Jack Baskin School of Engineering
Santa Cruz, CA

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Master of Science
  • Master of Fine Arts

15. University of Central Florida

School of Visual Arts & Design
Orlando, Altamonte Springs, Cocoa, Daytona Beach, Leesburg, Ocala, Palm Bay, Sanford, Kissimmee, FL

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Master of Fine Arts
  • Master of Arts
  • Master of Science

These are some of the best colleges that offers gaming programs in the US. If you are still thinking about Is game design school worth it or not sure to get an interview with the colleges that offers gaming programs and decided your self.

If you are from other countries you can check the lists of your native colleges that offer gaming programs as I had mentioned all the points and courses available in the field of gaming. There are many other certificate programs also you can join them as an extra curriculum or studies. But 4yrs degree programs are the best if you are serious in this field and sure to select a good institute or college.

Why Need for a Gaming Institute or college?

You cannot make it big in any industry without honing your skills. This field is no exception to it. This is one of the off-beat careers of which little is known to a layman. If you want to achieve the heights you desire, it certainly cannot be possible without proper guidance. so I will say it’s worth getting into game design school.

The open secret behind the creation of these types of games is that it is a mixture of art and science. Game designing is the art of applying all the skills related to design to create a game for edutainment, exercise, or experimental purpose. Moreover, game design elements and principles are also applied to other interactions in the form of gamification. It is all about switching to new technologies like programming, art or animation software design, working methods to develop an ability to manage, learning, and keeping up to date with technological developments.

A gaming Institute ensures that you are all equipped with all the necessary courses and up-gradation of technologies. It provides you an environment where you can bloom as a game designer and know exactly in which area of this field you find your calling.

A gaming Institute gives you effective coaching and monitoring to bridge the skill gap. From course structure to advanced faculties, workshops, seminars, etc. are provided to give you a big push into the gaming world. It gives you a much-desired change and confidence to stand out in the current competition in this off-beat career.

Is game design school worth it?

Hope this will answer all of your doubts about whether it is worth getting into game design school or not. If theirs more questions or doubts regarding game industries or courses or programs regarding game designing and development you can ask in a comment I will answer your question to the best of my knowledge.

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